Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Release Day & 5 Chapter Preview!

Finally! Song of Sorrows, Book Three of the Songs of Everealm Series has been released, today. (Review copies were sent out. If you didn't receive your copy or want to volunteer to review, just comment below and I will send it your way!)

In celebration, I have put Song of Sovereign (Book One) for FREE on Amazon through the 22nd. Also, starting tomorrow, Song of Sparrows (Book Two) will be reduced through October 26th. Be sure to grab your copies while they are at a free/reduced price.

If you haven't started the series and are undecided, I have also created a 5 Chapter Preview of Song of Sovereign, available on instaFreebie! Click here or on the image below to snag a copy!

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And don't forget that Song of Sovereign is FREE right now!

FREE thru Oct. 22nd! 

Reduced thru Oct. 26th!

Available NOW!


Monday, October 10, 2016

NEW Cover Reveal!!

The cover for Song of Sorrows (Book Three of the Songs of Everealm Series) is finally here!


I am on the final stage of editing for the book and will be releasing it within the week, if everything goes as planned. There will be no blog tour with this one, so if you would like a copy for review, please comment below or email/message me!


Monday, July 25, 2016

Blog Tour - Kick-Off!

Today is special for two reasons. One, it's my birthday! Two, it's the first day of the Songs of Everealm (1&2) tour!

Make sure you check out at least one of the stops so you can read an excerpt and enter the giveaway for:

~ $25 Amazon Gift Card
~ Magic Bottle Bookmark from EnchantedBottleCraft
~ Set of 4 Scented Crystal Soaps from TheLittleSoapStore

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Here are a couple of the first stops:

Mikayla's Bookshelf - Excerpt #1Wordish Wonderland - Excerpt #23 Partners in Shopping - Spotlight

I'll post more as they come in. Thank you, everyone!!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blog Tour Schedule & Updates!

Tour schedule is up! I have posted it below.

I always get nervous when I know people are reading my books. I am like an anxious child, I know. There are a lot of bloggers who signed up to review which makes me giddy with excitement but also a little nauseous. Ha!

~Song of Sorrow (Book Three) is in the proofreader's hands. Yay! Working on the cover for that one so everyone can add it to their to-read shelves on GR.
~I am currently on Chapter 14 of Song of Shadows (Book Four).
~Also looking to the future and where we'll go next after this series is finished. Have a crazy idea to continue on with a mixture of characters from both series. There is just too much that can happen in Everealm. And just as the Everealm Series set events into motion which changed the realm, the Songs Series is doing that, as well. It will be nice to know what havoc those changes cause. We'll have to see where the story takes us! :)

If you signed up for the tour (to review or not), your copies of the first two Songs books have already gone out via Sara@YABound. If you couldn't join us on the tour, I have just sent your copies to you. I saw no reason to send them twice to the ones who were already doing the tour. If you are on the tour and didn't receive the copies from Sara, let me know. Things may have changed and they might not send review copies to everyone anymore.

Also, there are a few Family Trees that I put together (with the help of software). They are located in the back of the Songs books. Hopefully, it will help to keep everyone straight. They are not available on the blog because they are spoilers of the first series. However, if you can't see them very well in ebook form, there is a link there to larger ones on the blog (hidden page). Hope that makes sense!

Blog Tour Schedule –
July 25th
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July 26th
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July 27th
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July 28th
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dream Cast - Songs of Everealm Series

UPDATE: Spots have been filled for the Songs (1&2) blog tour! Review copies should be going out to bloggers in the next few days. Please note, the first book is finalized. The second book still has one more run through of proofreading. There may be a few left over errors to catch in book 2 before release. Song of Sovereign is final manuscript. Song of Sparrows is ARC. Thanks!

I've been working on the dream cast for the Songs Series for months now. A few of the characters came easy to me. A few took a loooong time. For instance, Oliver was immediate. I saw a movie trailer and spotted my Oliver and never looked back. But for Cassidy, I poured over Google for the past two months trying to figure out who would make a better fit for his character. Finally, they're all done. Drumroll please...


For our magic-loving princess, I chose Virginia (Ginny) Gardner. Her character is 18 at the beginning of the series and ready for adventure! I think Ginny is a great fit for Sarita's independence, yet still has a bit of youthful innocence about her.


Ksenia Solo was an immediate pick for Gabby. I fell in love with her in Lost Girl and I think Ksenia can easily nail Gabby's spunky attitude and independent nature as a healer and Sarita's bestie.


This one was so difficult. I changed actors at least six times. Cassidy was hard to cast because I couldn't find someone who looked the part and was age appropriate. They were either too young or too old. Technically, John Deluca is a bit too old but can play younger, thankfully. He is definitely the image I see in Cassidy. And I think he could also pull off the king's confident-if-not-a-bit-cocky behavior. Swoon...


Brenton Thwaites. Oh, Brenton. I only went to the theater to see Gods of Egypt because he was in the movie. And I loved the movie, by the way. :) He is soooo Oliver. I haven't even thought of anyone else. Oliver is our favorite squire who is both loyal and playful. Perfect combination.



Garrison was another that took me a few tries but I finally nailed down Luke Mitchell. Garrison is a bit more mature and proper but still soft around the edges. He is looking for love, maybe in the wrong places. His character becomes more fleshed out in the third book of the series and after.


Chord Overstreet is my Asher. I can already imagine him as our white-haired wizard. Strangely, most of the photos I have chosen for him have the same haircut as Asher, too, so it's easier to picture him. The mage and Cassidy's best bud has a big role to play in the series as he finds his magical mate may not be what he was expecting. Poor guy... ;)




This one was pretty easy, too. For Cali, I chose Aimee Teegarden. I've seen this actress in many shows and can confidently say that she is perfect for the role. Calista is a lady whose life will be turned upside down in this series. Like Dahlia in Everealm, Cali will probably be the one who changes the most throughout the story. Wish her luck!



Another easy one was Molly Quinn for Jolene. Jolene has spent half of her life in Junacave and the other half with the Sabras. So as you can imagine, Jo has a wild side. We get to see more of her in the second half of the series.


For Emery, I chose Alexandra Daddario. Emery is a fairy with a mysterious past and miraculous magical abilities. We meet her in Sovereign and I think you'll take to her quickly. She may be naive in many aspects but isn't the least bit shy or afraid of adventure. Perfect companion for our group!


Matt Lanter is Jake. Or maybe Jake is Matt Lanter. I can't distinguish between the two. I started writing his character with this guy in mind. You might see someone else for Jake but I can't. Our wizard is both witty and humorous. He makes enjoying life a sport! You may wonder why I chose the following gifs but when you get to Song of Sparrows, I think you'll understand. :)


Well, there it is! Let me know if you had someone else in mind the characters. :)