Choose a kingdom, town, village, or dwelling, to see the characters who inhabit each. Or simply scroll down to read about them all.
NOTE: Descriptions are general or describe a person's status at the beginning of Everealm (so as not to give any spoilers!). Locations are in alphabetical order, however, characters are not.

Anestas (Valley of the Fae)

  • Queen Viola: Fairy Queen
  • Rhea: Fairy Princess who was rescued by Rowan
  • Raven: Fairy Guard
  • Twila: Fairy Princess
  • Ruby: Fairy Princess

Carneath (Kingdom)

  • King Carneath

Cornithia (Kingdom)

  • Queen Cornithia

Elmber (Town, Governed by Taten)

  • Dagan: Wizard and Elric's grandson
  • Cassandra: Dagan's ex-lover & longtime friend (owns apothecary & has partial magic)

Hosselly (Town, Independent)

  • Giselle
  • Reeve
  • Gabrielle

Junacave (Kingdom)

  • Queen Breestlin (Bree): Newly crowned the Queen of Junacave
  • King Frederick: Bree's father (deceased)
  • Queen Mother Cicilly: Bree's mother
  • Finnley (Finn): Bree's right hand and longtime friend
  • Rowan: Kingdom spy and Bree's lost love
  • Elric: Elder Mage and Royal Mage of Junacave
  • Sir Nicholas (Nick): First Knight of Junacave and Rowan's father
  • Sir Raymun: Head of the Castle Guard and Finn's father

Labara (Kingdom)

  • King Nolan: King of Labara
  • Queen Isabelle: Queen of Labara
  • Prince Tristan: Heir apparent to the throne & betrothed to Princess Seraphina of Taten
  • Prince Xavier
  • Princess Rianne
  • Eon: Royal Mage

Taten (Kingdom)

  • King Leonard: King of Taten
  • Queen Gillea: Queen of Taten
  • Princess Seraphina: Betrothed to Prince Tristan of Labara
  • Prince Cassidy
  • Luther: Royal Mage

Sabras (Dwelling)

  • Adelphie: Leader of the Sabras and Sidonie's sister
  • Sidonie: Adelphie's sister & sent to stay in Junacave
  • Dyna
  • Iona

Sire (Kingdom)

  • King Silas: King of Sire & half-brother to King Frederick of Junacave (Bree's uncle)
  • Queen Vallica: Queen of Sire
  • Princess Ethelda (Ethel)
  • Larkin: Royal Mage
  • Simon: Right Hand to the king

Vale (Kingdom)

  • King Thadine: King of Vale and father of Queen Mother Cicilly of Junacave
  • Prince Cyrus: Heir apparent to the throne and Bree's uncle
  • Princess Celeste: Sister to Cicilly and Bree's aunt
  • Leitis: Royal Mage and Zander's father
  • Zander: Son of Leitis


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