Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rolling Along...

Things are progressing quite nicely this week. I am awaiting the first draft of the concept artwork for the Everealm book cover! I have been working with the amazing Fiona, from Fiona Jayde Media, on designing a killer ebook cover for the first book of the series. She is super talented and I am so happy I came across her site during my search for a graphic designer. You can check out her awesome work, here: The final edits have been made to the draft, so as soon as the cover is finalized, Everealm will be ready for publishing to ebook! 

I have also finished the first chapter of Wildfire, which will be the title of the second book in the Everalm Series. The outline is done, and the hard part is filling in the rest of the book, but I am very excited to finally put Everealm aside and jump into Wildfire. In Wildire, we will continue our journey with Bree & Rowan, and Dagan & Sidonie, but we will also get to meet some new characters and travel to new locations, including a nice trip to visit Vale! I can't wait to get Everealm published so that everyone can get just as excited for Wildfire as I am! 

As soon as the cover for Everealm is ready, I will share it here and on the Facebook page, so make sure you are subscribed to this blog AND don't forget to "Like" our Facebook page. Thanks so much to everyone for their support!



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