Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So much to write, so little time!

Everealm became available to pre-order today on Amazon.com, but I am already deep into the sequel! When you have a story stuck in your head, it's impossible to focus on anything else. I have realized that I could possibly be addicted to writing! I think about it, even when I am doing something completely unrelated and the characters voices are constantly speaking to each other in my mind. To most people, this probably sounds like I am losing my marbles. Fellow writers, however, are probably nodding to themselves as they read this, understanding completely.

So even though telling this story has been amazingly therapeutic to use my usually stifled imagination and quite more relaxing than I anticipated, it has also been extremely time consuming. No worries, though! I am happy to be crazed and sleep-deprived, if it means I can share the story with everyone. And I hope others stay up reading it, the same way I do with my favorite books. Thus completing the circle of zombie people walking around with zero sleep!



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