Sunday, August 23, 2015

The waiting period begins...

The final manuscript of Wildfire has been submitted to Amazon and Smashwords for the release on September 1st! Yay! 

So now the thing I have been obsessing over for months is no longer on my computer screen. I have adopted a rule: Once final book has been submitted, I won't look at it until after the release. If I continue to read over the manuscript, I will make changes. I'll add stuff and rewrite stuff. Most of the changes won't be necessary. I'll just be nitpicking on my writing. It's my baby, so I feel the need to groom it. Does that make sense?

To prevent myself from opening the Wildfire document, I am keeping the outline for Blood Moon open on the computer as a distraction. After Everealm, I took a break before continuing Wildfire. It was a productive break considering we welcomed a new baby into the family during that time. On the other hand, any ideas I had about the sequel were forgotten if they weren't written in my notes. This time, I don't plan to take a break before getting into Blood Moon. 

I am also considering just releasing the third book once it's complete, instead of doing a release date. Mostly, I just hate waiting. The suspense is torture.. :) And since the book cover is finished, there won't be any reason to delay. I am aiming for around Halloween, if I can find the time to get it done by then. Definitely, it will be finished before the end of the year. I just can't imagine letting the story run through my mind for that long before I put it down on paper (err... computer screen..).

I'm off to stare at the outline and listen to some music for inspiration... Here is part of my playlist for today:
  • Dare You to Move - Switchfoot
  • Wrong Again - Martina McBride
  • Here With Me - Dido
  • Red - Taylor Swift
  • Far Away - Nickelback
  • Love is Your Name - Steven Tyler
  • Madness -  Muse


Hadassah Harper said...

YES! Whoo, cannot wait to start reading it. Switchfoot is one of my favorite bands, and so is Nickelback. Great choice songs too. :)

J.D. W. said...

When I hear 'Far Away' by Nickelback, I envision Bree and Rowan's reunion. *happy sigh* The song fits their situation almost perfectly.

Hadassah Harper said...


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