Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dream Cast - Part Three!

Here is the third installment in the Dream Cast!

In Part Three: Adelphie, Rhea, Reeve, Gabby, Tristan, Xavier, & Rianne


Tristan is confident and in control. He may seem like a stiff-neck, but I get the feeling he'll come out of his shell, eventually. *wink*
For his character, I very smugly choose Josh Henderson! Oh, be still my beating heart! I know he's a few years older than Tristan is when we meet him in Wildfire, but the actress I chose for Seraphina (his betrothed) is a few years older, as well, so I don't feel guilty for it. You'll have to wait for Part Four to see who I pick for her. :)

P.S. I like this ^ gif, a lot. You might see it again...


Xavier is handsome, like his brother, but also has a rebellious side. I actually had this guy, Dominic Sherwood, pegged for Xavier before it was announced that he's been cast in the new Shadow Hunters series. He was also in the Vampire Academy movie (another one that is based on a novel series). So it's safe to say that Dominic does well in novel-to-big-screen projects!
Image result for dominic sherwood

Fun fact: BOTH Josh Henderson and Dominic Sherwood have heterochromia (they have two different colored eyes). If that isn't a sign, I don't know what is...

I would be perfectly happy with Matt Lanter as Xavier, too!


Rianne was super easy to cast. I just took one look at this girl and knew she was it! Bonus points to this actress for being able to shoot a bow and arrow. I give you, Ava Allan! I have BIG plans for Rianne in Blood Moon and beyond!


Hello, huntress! I actually had two choices for Adelphie, but decided to go with Gillian Zinser! She has an earthy vibe and I could easily see her protecting her Sabra sisters and living in the forest. Oh, and arguing with Finn. :)


Clare Bowen! I stopped watching Nashville awhile ago, but I came across her photo recently and I think she is just gorgeous! Rhea is a special fairy, a hopeless romantic whose only dream is to find someone to love her. Sure, she makes a few questionable decisions in the process, but you can't help but root for her to find her prince charming. :)


There are a lot of young teen actresses that could fit the role of Reeve's sassy little sister, Gabby. I do, however, think that Sophie Nelisse, from The Book Thief, would do a great job!


I just want to say that I am seriously reconsidering my choice for Reeve! (Original choice is below.) I completely forgot about my obsession with Daniel on Revenge (who was killed off before the show ended--but we won't get into that!) and I just realized when I came across his photo today that this guy screams Reeve to me! His name is Josh Bowman! And if you finish reading Blood Moon and can't picture this guy as Reeve, I will have failed as an author!! Just kidding.. No, really.. ;)

I don't even care that he doesn't look exactly like Thomas McDonell. I can live with it. :)

Writing Reeve to look so much like Rowan was a bit like shooting myself in the foot when it comes to finding an actor to play him who looks like Rowan (Thomas McDonell). I've scoured the net, trying to find another actor who looks the same, or close to it. I found a few who get close, but not really close enough. So, instead, I'll just go with my first instinct: Ben Barnes! Yes, he's a few years older than Reeve is in Wildfire, but I can live with it. And we already know how great he looks in armor... :)
Image result for ben barnes
Side-by-side comparison: Rowan (Thomas) & Reeve (Ben). Yep, works for me!
Image result for thomas mcdonellImage result for ben barnes
Image result for thomas mcdonellImage result for ben barnes
And some more of Ben, just because we can...

What do you think?

Click here for Part Four: Cassandra, Zander, Seraphina, Edmund, Nolan & Isabelle! And let me know if I missed someone. :)


Hadassah Harper said...

\o/ BEN BARNES!!!!! ♥♥♥ He's so friggin' perfect! *sighs*

J.D. Wright said...

Ben Barnes just screams "Reeve" to me! I could easily see him falling for our fairy. *swoons* :)

Hadassah Harper said...

xD LOL most definitely! I wish I were the fairy . . . nah! I like Rhea. :)

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