Monday, December 14, 2015

While We Wait - Week #3! Book Four Cover Reveal!

Hello, on this Medieval Monday! This week, I am revealing the cover for the next book in the series. So... here it is! The cover for Aurora, Book Four of the Everealm Series!

And here are all of the covers, lined up!

The scoop: I decided to name the fourth book Aurora because it literally means "dawn". The events in Blood Moon are going to have a very strong impact on the realm and cause a major change in magic. At the end of Blood Moon, you will get a sneak peek into the first chapter of Aurora and see exactly what I mean by this change. There is a new dawn on the horizon for Everealm, or in other words... a beautiful Aurora!

The progress: I have 21 chapters outlined for Aurora. This is actually two more chapters than I had outlined before starting Blood Moon so it seems I'm more prepared this time around. I will also add chapters as I go. I usually end up with around 24-25 chapters per book, anyway.
I am taking it slow during January in order to participate in the Blood Moon blog tour (Jan. 25-29th) and recuperate after the holidays. I will still be writing snippets (scenes) for Aurora and also a few short stories that I am waaaayyy behind on. So I still have plenty to keep me busy before jumping deeper into Aurora.
Also, I have about half of the chapter points for the fifth book already decided on. Unless I change my mind, the fifth book will be the last book in this series. Don't worry, though. There is still more Everealm to come after that. Details coming soon!

Stay tuned! Next week: Dream Cast - Part Four!

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Hadassah Harper said...

*GASP* I love it!!

J.D. Wright said...

Thanks! :)

Rekha Ravikumar said...

Oooohhh, Aurora. I am so excited! I do not want it to end!!!

J.D. Wright said...

I'm excited, too! But if I keep adding to my outline, I may not be able to stop at 5 books. May end up with six! :)

Rekha Ravikumar said...

Haha, I don't mind if there are 50 books I will still read them all <3. Btw, the covers are gorgeous! My favourite has to be Everealm... or maybe Aurora? I'm not sure...

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