Monday, February 29, 2016

Back in the Saddle, Again...

I have been in a bit of a slum for the past few weeks or so. My sleep schedule had gone so completely out of whack that I had to correct it. Anyone who has gone from being a night owl to a day owl (pretty sure that doesn't exist) will understand my troubles.

Once I got my sleep schedule more manageable, we had a death in the family. My Mamaw (grandmother for those who aren't used to the term) died at the age of 74. She was the last of my living grandparents, making her passing even more devastating and I was unable to attend the memorial. She was an avid reader and lover/writer of poetry, which is something that we bonded over. Her sweet laugh will be missed...

On a lighter note, Aurora has been officially released!

Also, the cover for Dynasty (Book Five of the Everealm Series) is finished!

Progress (Everealm):

I am on chapter five of Dynasty, the final book of the Everealm Series! It was a slow start due to my slum (see above for explanation). But now that I have found my "groove" I have written 2 1/2 chapters in three days. I may get back to my chapter-a-day schedule if I'm lucky.

Also, I am working on answering questions for an author interview with one of my favorite bloggers! Look for that, coming soon! :)

Progress (Songs):

Still working on the outline for this series but I have over 19,000 words written in my "snippets" document for upcoming books. If you aren't aware, I tend to write certain scenes as they come to me or when I'm in the mood for them. I keep them in a snippets document and pull them when I'm ready. I am having second thoughts on my original cover designs for this series so I will continue to work on those, as well.

P.S. Feedback on Aurora is slowly trickling in and it's positive so far! Phew!
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Hadassah Harper said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Mamaw.♥

I haven't had the chance to read Aurora yet, but aim to get it read asap.
Love the pink gown on Dynasty!

J.D. Wright said...

Thank you. No hurry! I saw that you are taking a break. Just take care of YOU first! :)

Hadassah Harper said...

:) I will. ♥

Mikayla Gray said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother, glad to hear you're starting to feel a little better.

Urgh, night owl to day owl is the worst switch to try and make. I'm a night owl through and through, I wake up exhausted and go to bed wide awake!

This post has reminded me actually - I haven't got to Aurora yet, but when I post a review, would you be up for doing an author Q&A to go with it?

J.D. Wright said...

Thank you. And I would love to do a Q&A! Thank you so much for asking. :)

Mikayla Gray said...

Great, thank you! I'm planning on getting something up in March so I'll e-mail you some questions in the next week or so.

Rekha Ravikumar said...

Aww I'm sorry about your mamaw! Congrats on aurora though! Be prepared for anther positive review coming your way (obviously I adored it as devoured it)

Your writing is honestly magical. I don't know how you do it.

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