Friday, February 12, 2016

Quick Update!!

Everealm Series:

I've been pretty quiet for the past week. Sorry about that! When I'm editing, I am either reading the manuscript or listening to it (text-to-speech), so it requires a lot of attention.

The final edit for Aurora is finished! Woohoo!

I am waiting on my proofreader to get through the teaser chapter for Dynasty (Book Five) and then I will be sending the book to my list of reviewers as well as uploading it to Amazon. No wait this time. I would rather get right into working on the last book than wait around for release dates.

I am working on the cover for the fifth book, right now. I will share it once it's ready. Hopefully, by the end of the day. It's snowing outside and we have a long weekend ahead of us so I hope to get a lot of book work done!

Songs Series:

Still working on the outline for the series. I have changed my mind a few times on the details of the plot but I hope to have a plot summary ready for you, soon! I will also be working on the book covers as I go. I will be adding the first book of the series to Goodreads once I have a plot summary ready so everyone can add it to your TBR lists. So excited about spending more time in Everealm!


Hadassah Harper said...

YAY! New book! hahaha!
Dynasty is an epic title and I love the Lucy Hale gif LOL I think I used it a few times at the start o my blog. ♥

J.D. Wright said...

I actually just now sent the book out to you right before I saw your comment. LOL :)

I fought with myself over the title for the fifth book for weeks! I finally had to kick myself and make a decision. Haha!

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