Friday, June 3, 2016

Blog Tour Sign Up & Upcoming Giveaway Items!

It's up!

Sign-ups for the next blog tour is live on YABound for July 25-29. So excited for this tour because it's starting on my birthday. I'm already prepping these awesome prizes for this one!

Set of 12 Assorted Soap Rocks, Bulk Stocking Stuffer, Soap Party Favor, Unique Party Memento, Geode, Bridal Shower Favor, Baby shower favors
Set of varied colored crystal soaps from TheLittleSoapStore! So you can make some magic while getting clean and smelling good! Pink Sugar, Raspberry, Lime, & Mango!

Magic Bottle Necklace / Pendant / Bookmark / Decoration / Keyring
Bottled "Magic" Bookmark (in blue!) from EnchantedBottleCraft! It has the power to hold your place in whatever story you're immersed in! $25 Gift Card in a Gift Box Reveal (Classic Black Card Design)
$25 Gift Card because everyone needs to buy more books with mystical lands to escape to! Am I right?

I may toss in a few more things as we get closer. If you can't join me on the tour, I hope you will at least pop in to a stop(s) and enter the giveaway. It's going to be magical... Get it? Okay. :)

Sign-up link:
YA Bound Book Tours: Blog Tour Sign Up: Songs of Everealm Series by J.D...

P.S. There is an option to choose between first or both books to review or a promo post. Both books are not required to be reviewed during tour.



Rekha Ravikumar said...

EEEEEP Yes, Blog tour, Puh-LEASE! I saw those words and almost broke mouse, trying to click on that link. At first I thought the crystal soaps were bunnies. The little bottle looks so cute and is so fitting for the series. A blog tour as a birthday present must be so exciting!

J.D. Wright said...

Ahahaha! They do kind of look like bunnies! Hehehe...

Hadassah Harper said...

I signed up for the tour yesterday! I was on my tablet, so I don't know how well my typing was LOL!

J.D. Wright said...

Yay! And I'm sure it was fine. :)

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